Research Depicts 6 Key Insights To Outcomes Through SMS/Text

Over the course of the past several months we have been running multiple research and pilot projects with clients throughout the U.S. to gain insights regarding the text communication channel and how text can be used to drive deeper relationships, empathetic dialog, and measured business outcomes.

As history would have it, the first text message was sent by Neil Papworth on December 3rd, 1992. The message was an outbound “Merry Christmas” sent from a computer to the cell phone of Vodafone Director, Richard Jarvis. The text era was born with a one-way outbound message. However, much has evolved since the first text message as text has become a full two-way channel of communication. Data tells the full story and our research has proven there is way more to text than a one-way broadcast; it’s interactive, engaging, and preferred when used properly . Clients in the study (full study results will be published in Q1 of 2021), using the insights below, have grown their business and revenues by more than 53%. It is effective, it is powerful, and if used properly will yield measured results.

Below are some proven and published insights from the study that can help you use text effectively in 2020:

  1. Open with incentive based questioning and explore your audience before you get started. Audience identification through op in questions puts you on target with client interests. Finding out more about your audience before you push content is key. .
  2. Use data driven text technologies to personalize messaging. Personalization and incentive based questioning coupled with message timing builds deeper interactions and relationships with clients.
  3. Make it natural two way engagement – story boards – where clients engage with what they want vs pushing content. Finding audience interest and engaging through incentives without pushing has proven to be a pure way to grow audiences, engagement, and revenue. Asking questions allows you to give more to clients through the convenience of the channel.
  4. The secret to success is developing relevant engagements without overstepping the threshold of message overload. It’s a fine line of balance. Remember, text is a channel of laser shot conversations and convenience so don’t abuse it or clutter up the interactions. It’s so important – what you say, when you say it, why you say it, how you say it, and where you say it!
  5. Use more than plain text – use interactive images, video, and engaging questionnaires. Incentives drive the common human interest in participation. If you use incentives properly, the messaging can create an exchange of information that is customer driven and valued by the client.
  6. Have fun, understand the power of the text channel and create meaningful and authentic interactions!

*Note, if you don’t have an interest in learning new text software, managing a user interface, creating content and campaigns, or driving your own attempts at measured text initiatives; our experts can help…text Klaunch to 55433 and allow us to come along side you to create, manage and measure empathetic and experiential outcomes through SMS/Text.

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