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Improve the fan experience in-stadium or at home with text

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9 Steps to a Flawless Fan Engagement Campaign

Connect with fans through text

Our fully managed, text engagement solution gives you the tools you need to identify your fans and deliver experience they’ll love.

Business Tech Integration

Integrate text into all your major systems to provide real-time updates across your entire team

Audience Engagement

Engage your audience with personalized messaging and an elevated fan experience

Experiential Messaging

Delight your customers with rich media and immersive experiential messaging to deepen their connection with your team

Data Backed Customer Profiles

Identify the fan behind the number with customer profiles verified with cleansed data sets

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Deepen Fan Engagement

  • Two-Way Fan Engagement

    Real-time two-way text communications allows you to be in the moment with your fans after a big play, before the game, and more.

  • First-Party Declared Data

    Identify fans and create audience segments to develop fan experiences that align with their preferences.

  • Expanded Sponsorship Inventory

    Text opens new sponsorship opportunity with a new platform that has the fans attention and unlimited potential.

  • Real-Time Content Delivery

    Deliver content in the moment and allow fans to contribute their own user-generated content to join in the experience.

Home Run Text

Enhance the Fan Experience

Text provides a simple and convenient channel to elevate the fan experience no matter where they’re watching from. Fans in the stadium will enjoy easy access to tickets and spending more of their time watching the game they paid to see, instead of waiting in long line for concessions and souvenirs. Fans watching from home have a new channel that they can engage with and become a part of the experience with user generated content and participating in polls, trivia, and giveaways.

Mobile Ticketing

Sponsored Entertainment

Segmented Marketing

Personalized Retail

Concessions Ordering

Real-time Public Safety

1-To-1 Audience Relationships

Text messaging is a personal communication that allows you to engage with fans on a 1-to-1 basis. By using text as the foundation of your digital transformation efforts, you can identify the people in your fan base, engage them in conversations that collect first-party declared data, and design experiences that are sure to impress your audience.

By connecting with fans through text you can deepen their engagement and turn casual fans into die-hard fans.

Capture their Attention at Home

COVID-19 has disrupted the fan experience and caused a shift in fan preferring to watch the game from home versus going to a game or bar. Using audience segmentation provided through fan profiles, you can engage fans with content they’ll love and attract younger fans with experiences they relate to. Text as the foundation of a digital transformation effort allows teams to understand, engage, and delight fans through text driven entertainment and directing them to social channels where they can rediscover the social experience of sports.

Trusted By The World’s Top Brands

Our team has been trusted by the world’s most successful brands in developing digital solutions that create direct relationships with their audiences, generate declared data and have delivered expanded revenues.

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