Text Integrations

Text integrates to multiple platforms to create a connected, holistic solution

Text Integrations

Text can be integrated to all major systems to create a seamless, holistic flow of information throughout your business. Keeping your organization on the same page and optimizing operational efficiency with real-time information.

  • CRM
  • ERP tools
  • Accounting software
  • HR SaaS
  • And more

Improve Operational Efficiency &

Customer Experience

Text integrations can improve your operational efficiency by filling existing communication gaps to keep processes streamlined and on time. Your customers will reap the benefits of your operational efficiency with an elevated customer experience. Thus spending less of their time waiting on updates, information, or shipments.

Create a complete data share between systems

As businesses have digitally transformed with the introduction of new technologies, a common problem among businesses emerged with information and valuable data becoming siloed to individual departments, projects, and software.

Text can be used to connect your business and eliminate silos by acting as a connector between systems with integrations to various platforms such as CRMs, ERP tools, accounting software and more.

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