Why is text good for communication?


Why Text Engagement?

Text messaging opens two-way communication between brands and their customers and the opportunity to personalize the experience for each individual customer based on their preferences. 90% of consumers want brands to communicate with them via text because it is the most convenient option for them. Information to help them decide to buy delivered directly to their phone, no apps, no user profile, just a text message they can respond to and interact with.

  • 98% of text messages are opened compared to 20% of emails
  • 96% of Americans have smartphones
  • 95% of text messages get a response within 3 minutes of delivery
  • 78% of consumers would like to be able to have a text conversation with a business

Text performance is unmatched

by any other platform.

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How to write good text messages?

Consumers want the convenience of text, but they don’t want to be spammed in a new channel. The key to harnessing the power of text is writing good text messages that go beyond informing your audience, to involve them in the conversation, and incent them to take action.

Text is a conversation channel, not a billboard or a megaphone to spam your audience. The messaging should fit the channel. Text messages should be conversational, personalized, and interactive.

Over messaging your audience with repetitive, bulk messages will push them to opt-out of your messages to never hear from you again.

To write a good text, start by identifying your audience. 72% of marketers don’t know their audience, but text can help you identify your core audience, where your buyers are and who will recommend your product. By identifying your audience, you can personalize the messaging to help them use your product to solve problems they have or achieve their goals.

Text for Business Operations

Text isn’t just for marketing. Text has continually evolved over the last 28 years, making it a powerful, flexible tool that has endless applications. Use text for HR to communicate with employees and enhance company culture. Supplement your customer care team with KBot answering common customer questions and free your staff to spend their time on other projects. Use text as a connector and a communicator for business operations. Text can be integrated into a number of platforms to ensure information gets delivered wherever it is needed. When an order is placed send the appropriate information to each department; fulfillment, delivery, and billing all receiving the information they need in the moment the order is placed.

Each solution is unique to fit business needs, to learn more about text for business operations, click here.

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  • Instant
  • Integrations
    Data Flow

Is SMS marketing effective?

SMS marketing is the most effective tool at a marketer’s disposal because it opens the opportunity to personalize the experience for the individual and open a dialogue between the brand and consumer. Text is personal, private, and not a place for spam. Customers that trust you with their mobile number should be rewarded with rich experiential messaging, not punished with spam.

With the focus on the customer and the right messaging, text will quickly become your highest producing channel.

Designed to Achieve an Outcome

Ways to Engage

  • Single Interface
  • Segmentation
  • AI Powered Orchestration
  • Opt-in Opt-out management
  • Scheduling
  • SMS Keywords
  • Centralized analytics & reporting
  • GDPR compliant
  • MMS
  • Open API
  • Chatbot powered engagements
  • Templates
  • RCS
  • Dynamic Content
  • Real-time 2way comm
  • Survey and polling tools
  • Library of integrations
  • Text enable business #
  • Link shortening & tracking
  • Click retargeting segmentation
  • Mass texting capabilities
  • Shared short codes, Long codes, toll-free
  • Geotracking & Geofencing
  • Schedule Messages

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