Create Successful Text Campaigns with Experiential Messaging

What you say. How you say it. When you say it. Why you say it. Where you say it. It all matters.

Experiential Messaging Requires


  • Audience identify verification
  • Revealing unknow audience
  • Creating new actionable business


  • Translating business strategy for seamless solution
  • Advances messaging interaction (3i model)
  • Optimized message choreography
  • Natural language processing


  • Get more out of how you use it
  • Management simplicity
  • Omni-Channel Integration
  • Powerful functionality

Identify Your Audience

In a digital world, identifying your audience feels impossible, in fact 72% of marketers don’t know their audience. Text messaging opens new possibilities to identify who the person is behind the phone by connecting customers to their phone numbers with identity resolution. Enabling you to complete contact information, gather detailed demographic information, increase personalization, and pin-point targeted messaging.

Accurate, clean data is a key component for successful text message marketing campaigns, you can find more on our data services, here.

Our Process

Our Client-Engagement Process

  1. Discover
    Uncover opportunities to use text engagement to improve current processes
  2. Design
    Design campaigns tailored to your audience and buyer’s journey
  3. Develop
    Develop experiential messaging campaigns that align with your audience and goals
  4. Deliver, Support, Measure
    Deploy campaigns, continue support, and provide reports of measured success through text campaigns

Designed to Achieve an Outcome

Outcomes-Based Text Message Strategy for Your Business

Outcomes-Based Marketing

  • Designed for your audience
  • Inform, involve and incent messaging
  • Experiential design

Supplement Staff Capabilities

  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Free staff to work on other projects

Operational Efficiencies

  • Holistic Engagement Design
  • Process automation
  • Integration Strategy

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